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Deep dive into a range of subjects on China - from Buddhist cave art to the mating rituals of China’s most loved animal. WildChina founder Mei Zhang will be interviewing some of China’s top experts and bringing their stories and knowledge straight to your homes, so that you can become the next destination expert on China.


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September 15 - A Taste of China Ep. 1

Join us as we travel live to Yunnan, one of China’s most diverse regions, to explore the unique flavors of China’s s southwestern borderlands. Follow our onsite guide to Dali to observe the local tradition of hand pulled noodles, and talk food and culture with cookbook author Georgia Freedman, journalist and author David Eimer, and Yunnan native Mei Zhang, founder of WildChina.  


Discover Yunnan on a journey with our founder Mei Zhang


August 27 - In Conversation With... Caroline Cheng

Meet Caroline Cheng, award-winning artist and curator. Cheng is the owner and executive director of the Pottery Workshop, a center to educate and promote the art of handmade ceramics, with branches in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Jingdezhen and Dali. 


Discover a jouney to the 'fine china' capital of China


July 2 - In Conversation With... Philip Tinari


Join us live for a very special WildChina On-Air conversation with Philip Tinari, Director of Beijing's UCCA. From modern art to art history in China, we'll hear from the man who curates award-winning exhibitions that see Chinese and International artists bought to life.


Learn about our private art tours in Beijing and Shanghai


July 2 - In Conversation With... Michelle Garnaut and Ignace Lecleir


Chat with award-winning restaurateurs on their Western fine-dining establishments in China.


Learn about our set menus for your clients' next visit to Beijing or Shanghai


June 11 - In Conversation With... Dr. Neil Schmid


In partnership with the China Institute, we chat with Buddhist art expert Dr. Neil Schmid for a live discussion at the Mogao Caves. We learn about China's largest collection of Buddhist fresco art and its conservation efforts.

Dunhuang, Mogao Caves (10)-X3.jpg

Discover the Mogao Caves on a private tour with Dr. Schmid


May 28 - In Conversation With... Fuchsia Dunlop

We chat with award-winning food writer and cook Fuchsia Dunlop about the diverse flavors and dishes of Chinese cuisine.


Explore China's cuisine on a gastronomic tour with Fuchsia Dunlop


April 29 - In Conversation With... Patrick Cranley

Learn about the history and development of China's economic powerhouse - Shanghai.

Discover Shanghai