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Deep dive into a range of subjects -- and unknown stories -- on China with this Mandarin-speaking series. JoinWildChina founder Mei Zhang, authors, and industry experts on topics like, organic architecture and hidden tribes in the foothills of Yunnan


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Recent Events


June 5 - Hani Villages of Yunnan 

Join Professor Luo Deying of Tsinghua University to learn about the unknown stories of the villages in the Hani Rice Terrace area of Yunnan. 


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April 29 - Life & Legacy of China's Visionary Poet: Xu Zhimo

Our WildChina Book Club as we sit down with Tony Hsu, author of Chasing the Modern. We learn about the life and legacy of Hsu's grandfather and China's visionary poet, Xu Zhimo.

April 29 - An Organic Approach to Architecture

Professor Hua of Trace Architecture Office (TAO) introduces us to the philosophy and organic approach behind their projects across China that blend key cultural and environmental elements.

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