WildChina Book Club

Join us every month as we select a book that explores the diverse stories and voices of China. Afterward, we'll connect with the author themselves with a LIVE Q&A.  

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Recent Events

July 23 - WildChina Book Club with Lisa See

This July, we are reading The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane by Lissa See. See's 2017 novel tells a powerful story about culture, tradition, and family ties. All about the Akha people of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China, See's novel paints a delicate portrait of an unknown region and the rich diversity and strength found within.

October 14 - WildChina Book Club with Ken Wilcox


Join us as we sit down with CEO of Silicon Valley Bank Ken Wilcox to discuss his latest book Leading Through Culture, a look at the foundational principles on how to adapt leadership skills to lead a multicultural organization in China. Hosted by our founder Mei Zhang, our conversation explores Wilcox's leadership philosophies, his time living in Shanghai, and his passion for educating the world about Asia.

June 18 - WildChina Book Club with Paul French

​Explore a lesser-known side of Chinese early 20th-cenutry history through 12 murder mysteries. We chat with New York Times bestselling author Paul French on his latest true crime audiobook. 

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China's early 20th-century history

flying-tigers-Wwii tour ww2 tour world w

Yunnan's Flying Tigers

Follow in the exhaust trails of Yunnan's famed shark-nosed Tigers as you explore China's most culturally and ecologically diverse province. Hear first-hand stories of the pilots, the war, and the Burma Road they fought over while you immerse yourself in the natural vistas of Erhai Lake and the towering Gaoligong Mountain.​


China's Jewish History

Explore China's Jewish past on this special Jewish heritage trip that will take you to China's historic Jewish hubs of Tianjin, Harbin, and Shanghai. Jews and Judaism have a long history in China and while much of that is indeed confined to history, proud architectural testaments and Jewish communities can still be found today. 

May 14 - WildChina May Book Club

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother  by Amy Chua

Learn what it means to be a 'tiger mother' and Chua's reflections on raising successful children in contrasting cultures.